Hunt for the 5 Most Delicious and Addictive Pasta in Jakarta, Indonesia

There are many places to hunt for pasta in Jakarta that have delicious and addicting dishes. This food from Italy is known to be easy to process, can be created into various menu variants, and of course it is famous for its deliciousness. Almost the majority of all cafes and restaurants in Jakarta serve pasta menu choices with many of their creations.

According to, here is a selection of restaurants or cafes that have the most delicious and authentic pasta in Jakarta.

1. Bottega Ristorante

If you want to enjoy authentic Italian food with an elegant and beautiful restaurant interior, you can visit Bottega Ristorante. Its location in the SCBD area certainly represents a class of its own. Of course you will be spoiled with quality pasta dishes and of course delicious to eat.

One of the classy menus to be enjoyed is the homemade tagliatelle with beef bourguignon. The menu consists of tagliatelle pasta with beef cooked in red wine. In addition to other classy menus, there are angel hair vongole, truffle mushroom ravioli, and lobster linguine.

2. Osteria Gia

Located in the Pacific Place area which is also an area in SCBD, there is a restaurant with an Italian concept that is no less classy. The name of this restaurant is Osteria Gia which as soon as you enter, you will be treated to a super classy interior design. With a luxurious, classy dish, you will definitely be spoiled with top-notch quality processed pasta.

If you are a seafood lover, you can order spaghetti del pescatore which contains shrimp, scallops, calamari, salmon, and black spices from squid. Meanwhile, for meat lovers, there is the Spaghettoni Pomodoro which is complemented by mama’s meatballs from the wagyu meat grinder. Other menus include pappardelle beef cheeks, linguine vongole, and the classic cacio e pepe.

3. Toscana Ristorante Italiano

If you are looking for a fairly authentic Italian restaurant in the Kemang area, then Toscana Ristorante is the choice. This Italian restaurant, which definitely has a delicious pasta menu, is quite a legend in Jakarta. But the restaurant building isn’t that flashy and it’s located on the side of the road, so you have to be observant about it so you don’t miss it.

As for taste, it’s guaranteed not to lose compared to other classy authentic Italian restaurants. You have to try their homemade pasta menu like ravioloni alla toscana. The menu includes ravioli pasta topped with lamb, veal, mushrooms, cream sauce, tomatoes and red wine. In addition, there is lasagna al forno, and tortelini di ricotta e spinachi, which is topped with delicious ricotta cheese and spinach vegetables.

4. Mamma Rosy

Still in the Kemang area, South Jakarta, you can taste authentic Italian pasta preparations at Mamma Rosy. This restaurant is managed directly by Italian ex-patriates who certainly guarantee the quality of the taste. The restaurant building itself is very beautiful because it was a former art gallery which is definitely aesthetic.

The owner uses a recipe inherited from the owner’s family who has been in the Italian restaurant business for 3 generations. The delicious pasta menu here is ravioli tartufo e funghi which has black truffle filling, champignon mushrooms, and ricotta cheese. Other favorite choices include canneloni, pesto lasagna, pomodoro, and doubt.

5. Pippo Restaurant

The place to hunt for super delicious pasta in Jakarta that you can try is at Pippo Restaurant. This Italian restaurant located in the Senayan City (Sency) mall has a very elegant building decoration. You can immediately feel the atmosphere of luxury as soon as you enter it.

You can eat various pizzas, pastas, Italian sandwiches, lamb chops, steaks and grilled menus. The main pasta menu is spaghetti ubriachi which consists of fresh homemade spaghetti, cream sauce, parmesan cheese, and red wine. Other choices include tuna spaghetti, lasagna, gnocchi fungi e prosciutto, and black ink tagliolini.