Our approach is to support the marginalized across East Africa through community-led development, rather than Aid, focus on sustainability and quality, ensuring the project’s transformative impact is felt for decades to come.

Wellboring GroundWater is a non-profit organization bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in East Africa, serving rural communities, where the needs are the greatest. We strive to make a long-term impact in the work towards the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The access to safe drinking water, health, hygiene and quality education are the key areas in which we are active.

Wellboring GroundWater works to address challenges linked to Sustainable Development Goals, strive to make a sustainable and long-term impact with our work, for local communities and the World as a whole.

In 2015, Benjamin and Nigel, Chair and founder of WellBoring, a UK based charity see website www.wellboring.org came together and partnered for a common purpose which gave birth to WellBoring Groundwater. The name has changed severally, but the dedication to providing clean safe drinking water in rural primary schools has always been at the forefront of all we do. Since then we have achieved milestones drilling more than 130 water wells in schools across Kenya. 

Why WellBoring GroundWater  was formed:

In 2002, Eng. Benjamin Koyoo (our founder) upon his return from USA on study tour witnessed the suffering and hardship faced by disadvantaged rural communities in Kisumu area due to lack of Safe clean drinking water. Children were dying due to cholera, diarrhea and other water related diseases. This led him to mobilize his kinsmen and former childhood friends to start home grown organization – solely to support relief work through the provision of clean safe drinking water. Since then, WellBoring Groundwater has focused its work in drilling low costs, low risk water solutions across Kenya.