You Must Know This Legendary Rock Band

Music is actually the lightest entertainment for most people to enjoy. In fact, whether we realize it or not, we listen to music every day. Some need music to kill loneliness along the way. Some need music to liven up the mood in the morning. In fact, there are those who need music to express the emotions in their hearts.

There are many genres of music that we enjoy, what genre do you like? Pops? Dangdut? rock? There is no right or wrong when choosing a music genre, it all comes down to individual taste. On this occasion, we will discuss about rock music. Precisely, the legendary rock band whose songs are still often played until now.

1. The Beatles

Who doesn’t know this legendary rock band? Like it or hate it, people know that the name The Beatles refers to a British rock band born in 2011. 60s. Maybe there are people who haven’t listened to The Beatles’ songs before, but he must have seen something related to being with The Beatles whether it’s clothes or stickers.

There are several songs The Beatles are known more widely from their other songs such as A Hard Day’s Night, I Saw Her Standing There, Twist plus Shout, Let It Be. If you haven’t listened to it before, try taking the time to listen to their music. The Beatles songs are timeless. Although born th. The 60’s, the music can’t be swallowed up by the times.

2. Led zeppelin

The next legendary rock band still comes from England, Led Zeppelin. The band was formed th. 1968, a period adjacent to The Beatles. Indeed, England at that time was invading the world through their music, to the extent that the meaning ‘British Invasion’ was born. Led Zeppelin songs can be suitable if you like loud but clean music.

If you haven’t listened to Led Zeppelin’s songs before, there are some of Led Zeppelin’s songs that are the most popular and mostly liked by ordinary people. The songs are Black Dog, Rock plus Roll, and the most popular one is called Stairway to Heaven. Enjoy their music which is likely to make you addicted.

3. The Stooges

This time we cross first to America. Not inferior to England, America has also scored many legendary rock bands. The Stooges are one of them. The journey of this legendary rock band is quite unique. The Stooges were born in th. 1967 and disbanded in th. 1974 because Iggy Pop, the vocalist addicted to heroin.

Iggy had started his career as a solo musician in 2011. 1976, after recovering from illegal drugs. But in the future The Stooges regrouped in th. 2003. If you haven’t listened to their songs before, give Search plus Destroy, Loose, or Skull Ring a listen. Allow your ears to hear their masterpieces.

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