7 Typical Middle Eastern Cuisine whose Delights are Global

The Middle East has an interesting and distinctive culture and is known by the world. One of which Toppers can see is from a variety of popular Middle Eastern culinary specialties. Not only delicious, the taste of various foods from the Middle East is very unique because it is rich in herbs and spices. Some of these typical Middle Eastern culinary delights are even very easy to find in Indonesia because of their popularity.

Are Toppers including fans of typical Middle Eastern food? Come on, find out more culinary origins from the Middle East that have been worldwide:

1. Kebabs

Quoted from https://www.kebabhouseli.com/, kebab is the most popular Middle Eastern food in Indonesia. Made from slices of grilled meat served with typical kebab bread and other toppings such as vegetables, onions and sauce, this Middle Eastern culinary specialty you can often find in restaurants, malls, even street vendors, you know!

2. Sambosa

At first glance, this Middle Eastern food looks like martabak but is mini in size. However, the taste of Sambosa is slightly different. Made from crispy skin and filled with meat and vegetables, this triangular Middle Eastern food can be an alternative snack with a delicious Middle Eastern taste.

3. Kebuli Rice

Talking about typical Middle Eastern culinary delights, Nasi Kebuli is one of the most popular in Indonesia. Rice cooked with a variety of spices and using goat’s milk is famous for its savory taste and very tempting aroma.

Usually this food from the Middle East is served complete with processed goat meat or other typical Middle Eastern side dishes.

4. Maryam Bread

The next typical Middle Eastern culinary is Roti Maryam. Made from wheat like bread in general, this snack at a glance resembles Roti Canai, a typical Aceh dish, or Roti Japati from India. In Indonesia, Roti Maryam can be found in various flavors and toppings. However, generally in the Middle East, Roti Maryam is often served with salty or savory toppings such as Curry Goat.

5. Tabouleh

Many say that the next typical Middle Eastern culinary is the Salad of the Middle East. Made from various types of small chopped vegetables and processed with typical Middle Eastern spices, Tabouleh certainly has a refreshing taste that is different from salads in general.

6. Manakesh

Made from flat-shaped bread topped with minced meat and cheese with Arabic spices, Manakeesh is a Middle Eastern culinary specialty that is often touted as a typical Middle Eastern pizza. However, the matter of Manakeesh’s taste is much more different because of the taste of the rich Middle Eastern spices.

7. Biryani Rice

Not only Nasi Kebuli, there are other typical Middle Eastern rice dishes, namely Nasi Briyani. Derived from Persia, the distinctive feature of this rice is its longer grain and yellowish color. Although it is also rich in Middle Eastern spices, what makes this Middle Eastern rice dish unique is the use of yogurt in its processing.

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