What is Durag? This is the definition and how to use it

Ladies, have you ever heard of the term durag which is commonly used in hair yet? For those of you who don’t know it, you might be wondering what durag is.
Durag itself is a cloth tied at the top of the head. The function of the durag itself is to protect the hair.
So, to understand more about what durag is, let’s see the full review of these accessories below!

Meaning of Durag

In the Merriam Webster dictionary, the term durag is defined as a cloth with the right size and easy to pull that is tied at the top of the head to protect the hair. Usually, the remaining cloth on the durag will be left hanging behind the head.

Durag is also commonly used to support hair growth, especially curly hair. These hair accessories are also used to retain natural oils in hair, protect hair from the sun, and maintain healthy hair.

Unlike the bandana, the durag is usually only worn specifically on the head. Durags are usually made of silk, velvet, polyester, and so on.

Although originally worn by men, the durag is also widely used by women. The use of durags for women is usually combined with dresses to get an elegant look or casual look to get a trendy and hippie impression.

History of the Use of Durag

No one knows who made the first durag. However, quoting from https://durag-france.com/, this cloth first appeared in the August 27, 1965 issue of LIFE magazine. In this magazine, there is a man who wears a durag for his hairdo.

Subsequently, the durag began to be known as the band of cloth worn over sweatbands to keep hairstyles in shape and not messy. This cloth is then used as a method of hair care to keep it healthy.

After that, durags began to be used as accessories to complete certain looks. The Durag remained exclusively functional until the 1990s. The Durag eventually became a symbol of black culture.

Just like other types of head coverings and hair, you also need to take good care of your durag. Make sure the durag you use is clean to avoid dirt and bacteria getting into your scalp.
Don’t share the use of durag with other people. This can increase the risk of your skin getting an infection.
Well, that’s information about durag. You can use these hair accessories to protect your hair and perfect your fashion.

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