In the realm of hospitality habits we often find various kinds of products sold in restaurants, the products that exist are a potential source of income for the bar itself,

Various kinds of bar products are marketed and offered to visiting guests such as:

1. Cocktails (alcoholic drinks)

Quoted from https://jimmyssportslounge.com/, this product is considered the best seller product that is most enjoyed by guests who come, this product has various variations, whether using imported products or local products.

Various kinds of drinks are available in the form of drinks mixed with other types of fruit or cocktails, for example long island ice tea, mojito, rum coke, tequela sunrise, sunset boom, blue lagoon, black russian

2. Mocktail (non-alcoholic drink)

This drink is almost similar to juice, but has various kinds of mixtures in the form of coconut milk or grenadine. These drinks are usually ordered by guests who don’t really like alcoholic drinks like Asian guests. Various kinds of examples such as Virgin Colada and so on,

3. Juice (fruit in the blender)

Juice is the most recommended beverage by medical experts because it has proven benefits from these fruits. This juice is usually served to guests who eat breakfast because at that time our stomach is still not filled with other foods.

The juices available are in the form of mango juice, guava juice, orange juice, other juices, while the juice consists of fresh juice and concentrated juice, namely juice that has been precipitated.

4. Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are cold drinks offered to guests in the form of mixed ingredients from alcoholic drinks in the form of rum, tequela and so on. These soft drink drinks consist of fizzy drinks and we usually consume every day.

These drinks are in the form of coco cola, sprite, diet coke, soda water and so on, because we often find these soft drinks sold in supermarkets and minimarkets, all drinks sold are served cold.

5. Beer

This one drink is the most coveted drink by Australian and European guests, because this drink is used as a body warmer drink in these western countries, if we in Indonesia usually drink cold water and in western countries make beer as their warm drink.

6. Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea have various variants such as chili coffee, espresso, cappuccino, machiato, green tea, chamomile tea, English breakfast tea and so on.

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