Promising Opportunity for Livestock Business, Maximum Profit!

There are many business opportunities that can be tried to increase income or become the main livelihood. Of the many existing business ideas, livestock business is one type of business with a large profit and market share.

This is because the consumption of eggs, meat and milk is part of human daily needs. Especially in fulfilling the need for nutrients, vitamins and others. How? Are you interested in knowing more about livestock business? Let’s peel one by one about this one business idea!

Definition of Livestock Business

Livestock business is one type of business that is mostly occupied in Indonesia. This includes along with the existence of business decisions contained in Law no. 6 Year 1967.

Terms in Livestock Business

In the next decision, it will also explain some of the absolute meanings in the livestock business that you should know about. Among them are as follows.

1. Livestock

Livestock are animals where everything is regulated by humans. Starting from the area of residence, breeding, to the benefits. Livestock together are deliberately kept or cultivated for the sake of human survival.

2. Breeders

Breeders are people, groups, or agencies that have the responsibility of taking care of livestock. In addition, breeders are also defined as people who derive part or all of their livelihood from livestock activities.

3. Livestock or Livestock Business

Livestock business is the business or cultivation of livestock which is supplemented with services and care for each of the livestock available in it.

4. Livestock Company

A livestock company is a business that is carried out in an area or location with the aim and target of raising and cultivating animals that will later benefit from it. This company is regulated and supervised by breeders and has official permission from the authorities.

5. Pure Farm

Pure animal husbandry is a method carried out by breeders to breed their livestock by marrying one livestock with livestock that are still in the same type or family.

6. Livestock Class

Livestock class is a group of livestock bred from a certain location. For example, one type of cow originating from an area in East Java.

7. Livestock Nation (Breed)

Livestock breeds are groups of livestock that have similarities in terms of morphology, anatomical shape, physiological characteristics, and these similarities can be passed on to the next generation.

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