How To Choose Shampoo For Men

Even though there aren’t many men’s treatments, shampoo is one type of hair care that all men definitely use. For a man, hair must be a concern. Because with various activities outside, men are exposed to the sun a lot and sweat easily so that their hair smells musty.

So, because of that, men need the right shampoo, which can overcome various problems that often arise such as dandruff, limp hair, musty smell and so on. For those of you who are becoming the best shampoo brand, usually women’s shampoos prioritize moisture and hair softness, therefore most women will look for ways to make their hair soft and fall naturally. While men are superior in scalp cleanliness. But basically to choose it still needs to be adjusted to the needs of each hair. Here’s how to choose shampoo for men.

1. Know the Cleaning Agent in Shampoo

The first way to choose a men’s shampoo is to know the cleaning agents in it. Usually in men’s shampoo there are various cleaning agents or surfactants, you can adjust it according to the surfactant content that is suitable for your scalp. That way the use of shampoo is more effective and efficient.

One of the good cleaning ingredients is amino acids. Amino acids become cleansers with cleansing power that is still mild. Amino acids themselves have hydraulic properties, so when mixed with water they can slam the dirt on your scalp. Or you can also use a betaine cleanser for those with sensitive skin, this ingredient is still mild, so it’s suitable for dry scalp so it doesn’t get injured or peeled off.

2. Find Additional Natural Ingredients As Needed

Next, look for natural ingredients according to your needs. Usually in shampoo, the company that produces it adds natural ingredients according to the needs of the scalp. Well, you can find out the properties of these additional natural ingredients for the scalp so that their use is more effective. For example, ingredients such as triclosan, zinc pyrithione, and so on are usually good for dealing with dandruff and itching. Or the charcoal content is usually just right for oily scalp.

3. Avoid dyes and preservatives for sensitive scalps

Usually, those of you who have a sensitive scalp will feel itchy or cause excessive dandruff if you use the wrong shampoo. To anticipate this, you can avoid shampoos with excessive dyes and preservatives, because these two things trigger incompatibility.

4. Choose Which Contains Natural Oil

Finally, how to choose a good shampoo is to choose one that adds natural oils in it. This is because with natural oils, hair is not dry and limp quickly. Lots of natural ingredients that can be included in the composition of shampoo, starting from coconut oil, or jojoba oil.

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