Hi friends how are you? Now we want to give you information about the various types of surgical tools and their functions. Listen up…


Quoted from Scalpel is an instrument for cutting networks. The sharp blade allows for tissue separation with the least possible trauma to the surrounding tissue. The scalpel consists of 2 parts, namely the handle and the blade. In older models, the blade and handle are together, while in the newer models, the blade can be removed and replaced with a new one.


Scissors are instruments used to cut tissue, threads and wound dressings. Straight scissors are used for surface work, while curved scissors are used for the inside of the wound. In general, the distal part of the scissors blade is used for cutting. In order to avoid damaging vital structures, the scissors should not be closed unless the tip of the blade can be seen clearly.

a. Bandage scissors are used to cut bandages, or gaas/kassa.

b. Surgical scissors, scissors used in surgery


A device consisting of 2 facing plates, which can be controlled to be clamped and released, by grip or direct pressure on the plates.


This tool is used primarily to hold the tissue and allow for traction. The opposite surfaces of each forceps head vary depending on the specific purpose. All of them have holes for fingers and a locking system.

Arterial clamp

It has two forms, namely straight and turning. Its use is to perform hemostasis, important to stop bleeding during surgery. These clamps are used for thin and soft tissue. It is also divided into atraumatic and traumatic.

Towel clamp (doek clamp)

Towel clamps are clamp holders with a pointed end to hold the edge of the towel/doek in place. It is useful for clamping surgical cloths as well as for holding the costal bones when external traction is applied to the chest wall.

5. pliers

Koorntang/Dressing forceps, used to clamp, or lift surgical instruments from inside the instrument tub.

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