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After living in suburban Austin for four years, I’m still amazed at how many great pizza places we have — from the great napoli pizza inc pizza at Via 313 and Brack’s Backyard to the many genuinely devoted Neapolitans in places like Pieous and Sorellina, romantic style at Baldinucci, slices of New York in Home Slice or Trenton-inspired tomato fritters in Salvation Pizza. New places keep popping up, like the Pedroso’s Pizza trailer, which serves perfectly legal New York slices and equally authentic Grandma’s Pies .

United States”. The list included some great pizzas I’ve had (Picco in Boston, Razza in Jersey City, and Beddia in Philadelphia), and it gave me reason to trust the source. I needed no more persuasion, Napolipizzainc to try; Visited in March 2023.

Napolipizzainc is at the right end of a typical small shopping street along Burnet Road and one of its neighbors is the excellent Barley Swine restaurant. We ate at Barley Swine in the summer of 2021 when we first emerged from the pandemic lockdown and noticed a delightful scent emanating from Napolipizzainc Due. It’s been on my radar for a while.

On arrival I was confronted by the waiter at the door who looked at me suspiciously and asked “How can I help you?” as if you were a health inspector or a tax officer. I still don’t see why it shouldn’t be friendlier, but I suspect I failed the local hipster vibe test.

He agreed and finally offered me a table so he figured I need his diligence to navigate the QR code to see the menu on my phone. Despite his string of insults (with a grudging smile), I stuck with the $7 pizza and draft beer.

All the pizzas here are Neapolitan, and I ordered a plain 12-inch pepperoni pie ($17) . The crust was particularly flavorful and usually had a nice chewy bite towards the edge. with too much sauce in between, causing each slice of cheese to want to slide off wet at the first bite.

Aside from the squishy center of this cake, it was okay, but it didn’t stand out in any way. The peppers had a nice spicy flavor but were relatively thin and plain. The tomato sauce was the highlight, flavorful and present and a perfect complement to the crust and cheese.

Had I been in a lovely setting with pleasant service, this would have been a satisfying if not especially noteworthy pizza experience. I’ve been to a lot of pizza places where it’s clear that I’m an outsider, but I’ve never felt less welcome. This is a good but not nearly perfect pizza, and it wouldn’t make my “Top 20” in Austin, let alone Top 20 in America. For a much better pizza and friendly service, drive 5 minutes north on Burnet Road and go to Pedroso’s.

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