4 Most Hits and Appetizing Typical Chinese Foods, Rich in Spices

China is loved not only by Chinese citizens, but also outside China. Especially now, typical Chinese food can not only be found in China, but can be found in several countries, one of which is Indonesia. Many countries also provide typical Chinese food to indulge the public’s tongue.

Talking about China is of course always interesting to learn. Apart from its people, anything that is synonymous with China can always attract attention. For culinary lovers, tasting Chinese specialties is an interesting thing to try.

Many typical Chinese foods have entered Indonesia, but it is rarely known that these foods are food from the bamboo curtain country. Not only in restaurants, this typical Chinese food can also be found in several simple restaurants.

In terms of food, there is no need to doubt the taste of typical foods originating from China. Many recipes are brought directly from China and developed, matched directly with the taste of the Indonesian tongue according to https://hunanchinesegreeley.com/

Typical Chinese Food

1. Jiaozi

Jiaozi is the first typical Chinese food that you can try. At first glance, jiaozi is similar to dimsum or siomay, which is one of the most popular dishes in Indonesia. In international cuisine, Jiaozi is better known as dumplings.

The mixture found in jiaozi and siomay is one that can distinguish jiaozi from dumplings. Siomay consists of a mixture of flour, starch and fish. As for jiaozi, it is made from a mixture of wheat flour that has been filled with a lot of meat in it.

The meat used is chicken meat that has been cooked beforehand. Not only cooked by steaming, this jiaozi is also often made by cooking or frying.

2. Dim Sum

Dim sum is a typical Chinese food which is certainly no stranger to the ears of the Indonesian people. Not only in restaurants, this typical Chinese food is also made at home. All you have to do is pay attention to the recipe, you can already enjoy Chinese food that is almost similar to dumplings.

Literally Dim sum comes from Cantonese which means small food, overall this food is called Yum Cha. As the name implies, Dim sum is a typical Chinese snack of various types, from dumplings, hakau, mantau, to buns.

In addition, Dim Sum is made in a variety of colors, tastes, aromas, quality of the basic ingredients, and types of dishes. Dim sum is divided into four categories, namely steamed dim sum, fried dim sum, sweet dim sum and claw dim sum. The taste itself is savory and delicious and is usually eaten with dips.

3. Peking duck

Duck is one of the basic ingredients for making Chinese food, namely Peking duck. This typical Chinese food is certainly no stranger to Indonesian people. Related to the taste, this Peking duck has a pretty delicious taste.

The appearance of this Peking duck is a roast duck with a brown color with sweet spices. Regarding the dish, this Peking duck is served thinly sliced and can be eaten with rice or pancakes with red peanut sauce.

4. Fu Yung Hai

The next typical Chinese food that can arouse your appetite is Fu Yung Hai. Fu Yung Hai is a typical Chinese food which is also quite common in Indonesia. Even this typical Chinese food is often called a favorite food for some people in Indonesia.

Fu yung hai or also called Puyonghai is a type of typical Chinese cuisine made from scrambled eggs with a mixture of vegetables, meat or seafood. Fu Yung Hai is generally served with a sweet and sour sauce made from tomatoes and green peas, and some are served with pieces of pineapple.

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