Easy System for Applying for a Canadian Visa for a Higher Potential for Acceptance

As a country side by side with the United States, almost all of the world’s people are certainly no strangers to Canada. Yes, this country with the nickname of the Land of Crushed Ice is indeed quite loved because it has many charming natural holiday destinations that should be visited.

In fact, it’s so amazing that Canada was chosen as a country that travelers should visit by Lonely Planet in 2017. Not only that, Canada is also touted as one of the countries with the friendliest people in the world. No doubt many tourists from many countries who want to stop at this country for a while.

Speaking of traveling to Canada, did you know that every foreign national residing in such areas must have a visa? Not only valid in Canada, holding a visa for foreign citizens also applies in almost all countries around the world. Therefore, make sure to take care of the official document requirements when you want to visit Canada.

The Canadian visa application system is also not too difficult. When compared to the United States visa, Indonesian citizens will find it much easier to apply for a Canadian visa. So, instead of being confused about how to do it, let’s look at the guide to making a Canadian visa and its requirements below.

What Are the Canadian Visa Requirements?

To apply for a visa to Canada, you must complete certain documents and data, namely:

Visa Application Documents. You can download the document on how to apply for a Canadian visa online via the VFS Global website. VFS Global itself is a company that works together with the Canadian authorities to manage the visa application process.
Passport. Make sure your passport is still valid and in accordance with international standards
Ideal photo. You need to prepare an ideal recent photo with a size of 3.5 x 4.5 cm with a white background. It is better to use a neat clothing style.
Travel ticket details. This data contains detailed information about the airline and your departure and return times. Make sure your plane ticket is safely stored in your email by booking a plane through Traveloka.
Data on residential area plans. You need to show a hotel booking ticket, complete with length of stay. Also, if you decide to stay at a relative’s house, ask for contract or home ownership documents, as well as a certificate from the local city government.
Travel agenda. Try to include a really detailed itinerary. Include news about your destination list, as well as what you plan to do there.
Travel Insurance. Before leaving, try to inform the insurance company and ask for travel insurance. This prerequisite is to convince the Canadian government that you still have security guarantees even though you are abroad.
Bank statements and company work certificates. You only need to meet these prerequisites if you want to work full time in Canada.
Letter of Acceptance, aka letter of acceptance for teaching institutions. If you are a student who wants to study in Canada, this letter is very important for you to include.
As a precaution, you can save all these documents in the form of soft copies and physical copies.

Visit the globalmigrationservices.com website for more information.

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