The easiest way to duplicate keys with soap

Keys are one thing that really has value for our daily lives. how not, to open the door of the house we need a key, turn on the motorbike / car we need a key, open the cupboard we need a key etc.

For security, unless we are going to travel far, the house needs to be locked to prevent thieves from walking. This small object whose existence is sometimes not given too much attention plays an important role in our daily life, therefore, from now on, take care of this small object as we protect other important items. Read also about how to connect a door with a broken handle.

In one family, most of us share the keys one by one, the goal is not to be busy, for example, we need to travel alone, but the keys that are usually sold are mostly limited to only 2 or 3 keys, now for those who have many families it is sometimes difficult to share the keys themselves. In our daily lives, it is not uncommon to find someone who has lost a key.

Incidents like this actually often happen because they forget to put it in or maybe not infrequently many people don’t realize that the key fell while traveling. Conditions like this can actually be circumvented unless you can actually pay more attention, such as placing a special key in the wallet and putting it in the inner bag. Read including the steps for placing the door handle.

One way to get around so that there are a lot of keys is to make duplicate keys, we can find duplicate key makers on the side of the road, with the services of a key duplicate maker, the keys we need can be made according to our needs. Key duplication or inclusion is often called a spare key/cloning, covering all keys and all brands. House/door keys, car keys, motorbike keys, safe keys, duplicate immobilizers, duplicate car remotes etc., and the prices range from 15,000 to 30,000 depending on the level of difficulty. Read including about minimalist home doors.

For those who often lose keys, unless they don’t want to take advantage of the services of a duplicate key maker, it’s a good idea to make duplicate keys themselves. With simple materials and patience we can make our own backup key. Relax, now you can anticipate this by making a spare padlock. To get a spare key, you can make it yourself at home very easily and don’t need to pay a lot of money. Okay, in this article I will review how to duplicate keys with soap, here’s how:

Materials needed

Bath soap.
The key that we will make a duplicate of.
Thread for tying locks.
Cast material (pb).
Cans (to melt cast materials).

How to Duplicate Keys with Soap You Can Follow

Tie the key using thread, then place the key on the soap and then press it until the key enters the soap.
After the key is inserted into the soap, remove the key from the soap by pulling the thread that has been tied to the key.
Heat the cast material (PB) until it turns into a mixture using a can.
After the cast material (pb) has melted, print it by pouring the liquid into the soap that already has the lock pattern and waiting for the pb liquid to harden and cool.
After it hardens, remove the printed key from inside the soap and the key is ready to use.

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