At Meta, we strive to create an environment where people can learn, grow, inspire and innovate. Key to delivering on this promise is our bottom-up culture, where people are empowered to have a voice, make decisions and build solutions for all types of challenges. Read on to hear from Meta team members on how to carve out an inspiring career path.

Embrace autonomy during your career journey

e power people to take on new challenges that keep them inspired, such as changing judi bola sbobet teams or seeking out opportunities outside of their day-to-day roles. Don S., a software engineering manager in Meta’s London office, says, “At Meta, you’re not climbing a ladder—instead, you’re measured by what you’ve done, by taking on a larger scope and by the real impact of your daily work. Having the ability to choose your own path is a healthy way to grow your skills.”

Susie P., a technical recruiter for product design leadership, adds, “Over the past four years, I’ve grown more than I ever thought possible. Meta has given me the resources and the opportunity to transition into a new role and do what I love, while continuing to grow and challenge myself. As recruiters at Meta, we don’t just conduct interviews and fulfill hiring demands. We genuinely have a seat at the table in helping build the next generation of Meta’s leadership teams. We work to bring on people that are shaping the company’s future.”

Find opportunities for impact, no matter your role

“There’s always room to grow and lead, whether you’re a manager, seasoned engineer or someone who’s just starting out in your role or career,” Liane P. tells us. “I’ve been a software engineer for more than 20 years, and every few years, I’m asked whether I want to be a manager. As you become more senior in your career, you typically have the option to go into management or become a specialist. At Meta, you login sbobet88 also have the option to be the person who uncovers big opportunities to drive change, dives deep into the system to find a solution, and rallies people to make it happen.”

Careers can be rewarding, exciting and the source of growth and exposure to new ideas, but it’s easy to reach a point where you’re no longer learning or growing. If you want to excel in your career, get promoted and find satisfaction in your work, continuing to grow and learn will ensure you never wake up on a Monday morning dreading the week ahead.

Perhaps you’ve been in your position for several years. You know the job, you know your coworkers and the chance of anything new happening to really exercise your brain is slim to none. You enjoy the work, but the repetition is starting to make each day feel the same and, the last time you learned something, it was judi sbobet because your favorite lunch spot got a new item on the menu.

Look for them in all the right places

First and foremost, you have to check out where and how you can find the perfect set of people for your company. You are looking for the best candidates and for that, you must know where these guys are hanging out.

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